Mango-Pistachio Popsicles

This March we took a day trip to Beacon, New York. We spent the morning at Dia Beacon and then hiked up Mount Beacon in the afternoon. Since we essentially skipped winter this year, by March it felt like late Spring. We progressively stripped off layers as the day and incline progressed. We also got to eat popsicles at this place.

I had a mango pistachio popsicle that was perfectly creamy with big chunks of pistachio jutting out from the top. It was a surprisingly delicious combination.

When the temperatures climbed into the 90s last month, I started to think about them again. My first stab at making them was a complete failure. I tried to make them with yogurt and mango and they came out tasting like tangy- nothingness. I also chopped the pistachios too finely and they had a weird texture. I washed them down the drain.

The second time, I carefully tried not to overwhelm the mango. I started by simply blending the mango into a pulp and then added cream a tablespoon at a time. Then I stirred in a smaller number of pistachios cut more roughly. Much more satisfying results and incredibly simple.

Mango-Pistachio Popsicles: 

– 1 mango 

– 2 tablespoons heavy cream

– 1 tablespoons roughly chopped roasted pistachios (I used salted and liked the flavor combo, but I could see preferring unsalted.)

* Blend mango to pulp.

* Add cream and mix thoroughly.

* Stir in pistachios.

* Put in popsicle molds and freeze.

Note: This made three popsicles in my rocket pop molds.


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