Things to Learn to Cook Upon Leaving New York

No recipe today. Instead, I bring you blogging as commitment mechanism. Here’s another moving inspired list. (And just to liven things up some old pictures from Italy.)

Things to learn to cook upon leaving New York City:

– Massaman curry with avocados and Thai noodles with duck like the ones from Thai Market. Hell, while I’m at it, maybe I’ll also learn to make their chicken and radish dumplings and their daikon cakes.

I cried when we moved a few blocks out of Thai Market’s delivery zone. Crossing state lines is going to require recreating their menu.

Bettalona’s Carciofi.

Noah and I realized sometime this Spring that we could get these as bar food and skip the rest of the meal. So now we often end our nights around the corner from our apartment, the only people at this random Italian restaurant’s bar. It’s worth it. These artichokes, which they roast in a pizza oven to a fine crisp, are unbelievably delicious.

– Orange-watermelon juice like the one that 88 Orchard used to serve and tragically has stopped serving so I guess it’s time to leave anyway.

– Rice pudding like Kefi’s.

– Congee.

– And, if only, if only, Tia Pol’s Ensalada de Alcachofa.

This is my favorite salad in the entire world. It includes fried artichokes, white asparagus, and a mysteriously amazing dressing. We went to Tia Pol on Sunday night to say goodbye, although we agreed I would probably make us go back every time we returned to New York. When I finished the salad, I told Noah that being in a long-distance relationship with this salad was just not going to be the same.

It might also be nice if I could learn to pastrami Salmon, but I’m trying to be reasonable in my ambitions.

The way I’m looking at all this meat should accurately capture how I look at each of the dishes on my learn-to-make list.

Anyway, hopefully this public record will lead to some cooking experimentation over the next few months, and, if I figure any of these out, I promise there will be a post.


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