Za’atar Beet Dip

We celebrated Labor Day in style, by starting the morning with a 5 K fun run and then cooking up a storm for a picnic by a lake. It seemed like we needed one last day lying in the sun and splashing in the water before we truly gave up on summer. (And I, at least, heard the proposal for a day at the lake and thought, “I bet I’ll be able to read a lot of Game of Thrones while I’m there.”)

Nevertheless, fall (and tomorrow) loomed as I planned our lunch. We had offered to contribute a bunch of sides to the feast. Noah made delicious potatoes that had no purpose beyond today. I, planner that I am, decided to contribute considerably less carefree spreads that could become sandwiches later in the week.

Despite its practical intent, I think we can all agree that this beet spread is far from having a practical color. In fact, I’m pretty sure it looks like the inside of a fourth grade girl’s bedroom. It tastes more interesting than it looks.

I adapted the recipe from this Ottolenghi recipe in Food and Wine. It could not be simpler. This was the second batch I’ve blended this week. It works as well on a chip as it does on a sandwich with goat cheese or hummus.

Za’atar Beet Dip: 

– 6 medium roasted, peeled beets or, and this is what I’ve been doing, one package of Trader Joe’s pre-cooked beets. I’m sure this is better with home roasted beets, but we’ve been shopping at Trader Joe’s where it’s hard to get your hands on a raw beet.

– 2/3 cup plain, greek yogurt

– 1/2 Habanero pepper, seeded

– 2 garlic cloves

– 3 tablespoons olive oil

– 2 tablespoons za’atar

– 1/4 cup walnuts

– 1/4 lemon

– salt to taste

* Put all the ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. (I blend the yogurt and beets together first and then add everything but the salt. I do the salt at the end, carefully.)



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