Easy Meal For One: Asian “Succotash”

Returning to the idea of a few posts on easy meals to cook for one, here is one of my favorites. It comes together super quickly, creates minimal dishes, and doesn’t leave me with an urge to continue grazing in the kitchen.

Basically, you microwave a sweet potato. While it’s microwaving, you saute some tofu with garlic and then add frozen peas. You whisk a bunch of miso paste into a pat of melted butter. Cube your cooked sweet potato, sprinkle the cubes with turmeric, toss the potato with the peas, tofu, and the miso butter. Enjoy. Maybe with Sriracha.



It occurs to me now, that an awful lot of what I cook myself when I’m alone and in a hurry follows a basic formula of cooked root vegetable + green vegetable +protein. It’s pretty fail proof. Other combinations I have gone through phases of making a lot:

– Sweet potato + spinach + walnuts, dressed with Dijon mustard, olive oil and lemon.

– Beets and potatoes + Romaine lettuce + parmesan cheese, dressed with  olive oil and lemon.

The recipe below, however, is the recipe that has stuck around through all the phases.

Asian “Succotash”:

I make this often and never actually measure anything when I do it. I measured to write this recipe, but they are all still rough approximates. 

– 1 sweet potato

– 1/3-1/2 cup peas

– 1/3 of a block of tofu, cut into small cubes

– 2 cloves of garlic, diced

– Sprinkle of turmeric

– Sprinkle of soy sauce

– Pat of butter (Butter is delicious, but if you’re trying to keep your intake under control I would say about a 1/3 of a tablespoon would work here.)

– Tablespoon of miso paste

* Press your tofu cubes between two layers of paper towels and leave to sit while you prepare the rest of your food.

* Wash sweet potato and poke a few holes in it with a knife. Microwave for 4-5 minutes depending on size. You don’t want your sweet potato to be total mush here, but you do want it cooked through.

* Heat a glug of olive oil in a pan and stir in diced garlic. When garlic begins to brown add tofu. Stir so it doesn’t stick to the bottom. When tofu starts to brown sprinkle on some soy sauce. Cook for another minute. Add frozen peas and cook until the peas are cooked through.

* Meanwhile, melt butter in microwave and then whisk miso paste into melted butter.

* Cut cooked sweet potato into cubes and sprinkle cubes with turmeric.

* Toss sweet potato, peas, tofu and miso-butter together in a bowl.

Enjoy with Sriracha.


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