We got warmer and the food got better.


I listened to Jenny Hollowell’s “A History of Everything, Including You” on a Radiolab short while running the other day. I think it’s wonderful and worth a listen so head on over there. Then come back. We have to talk about summer.

Although it’s not even a little bit what this line is referring to in the story, “We got warmer and the food got better” is the line that has been swimming in my head for the last few days as I enjoy the comforts and discomforts of summer. Of course, it has been a million degrees out, but the sticky heat paired with the over-air-conditioning, the ice cubes, and the berries, and then more berries, are the kinds of familiar pairings that make the whole thing kind of wonderful in spite of itself.

I have been writing, and running, and showing people around New York City. Every so often we find some time to cook a real meal, but when we have time we usually pick somewhere new to go and head out on an adventure. Last week it was Jackson Heights and Nepalese food. At home, the focus has really been on fruit.

So, here are some more pairings for summer–minimal recipes, if you can even call them that, which I’ve been enjoying, through these long, lazy, yet somehow hardworking days

– Breakfast: Cooked millet warmed with cinnamon and butter, swirled into yogurt and topped with roasted apricots and maple syrup.

– Post-Run Breakfast: Leftover buttermilk from making pancakes (isn’t there always leftover buttermilk in the summer?) + peach + lime. Blend.

– Writer’s snack: Spoonful of crunchy peanut butter topped with a single strawberry plucked from homemade pickled strawberry jam.

– Before dinner: Suze + Ice.

– Dessert: Whipped Cream + Whisky + Toasted Oats + Raspberries + Honey. (What are you waiting for?)



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