What We’re Eating This Week: Sunday Night Vietnamese Tofu Noodle Salad

I’ve decided to try something different this week and post what we have for dinner every night for the week. Some days there will be full recipes, some days links to recipes I used,  some days, like today, a sketch of what I did even though I failed to take notes.

Sunday: On our drive home from a holiday weekend in Boston, I decide I cannot stomach the idea of eating the many pounds of leftovers that have been sent back with us. I’ve already over-eaten all of those dishes. I also remember we have basil wilting in our refrigerator along with Thai chiles and tofu. I decide to make Vietnamese Noodle Salad, which I have never made but is indisputably my favorite thing to eat.


It turns out it’s pretty easy to make, mostly involving a lot of chopping. Here’s what’s in this bowl: Rice Noodles + Quick Pickled Carrots and Cucumbers+ Chopped Lettuce, Mint, Basil, Peanuts + this Mark Bittman Tofu Recipe (w/o onions). It’s all supposed to be tossed with a dressing of lime juice, hot peppers, garlic, and fish sauce, but I realized when I started making the dressing that we didn’t have any fish sauce. A mixture of miso paste, agave, olive oil, and soy sauce made a decent substitute.

For lunch today, I chopped some hardboiled egg over the leftovers since the tofu was mostly gone.


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