Monday and Tuesday Nights: Tomatoes!

I spent most of the morning wearing slippers and just pulled out a scarf and fleece for the first time, but we still have tomatoes, and I refuse to close our windows.


Monday: Noah was out, but by my friends Andrew and John came over. I made this roasted tomato soup from last October and–since the resident dill hater was out–this carrot, white bean, and dill salad from 101 cookbooks. Definitely a keeper recipe. We learned about the gold standard (literally) and had John’s apple pie and defrosted orange-almond cake that someone brought to this weekend’s break fast potluck for dessert.

Tuesday: Ladies auxiliary night across the street. AKA boyfriends were at a fancy law school dinner so my friend and I pooled farmers market resources (mostly hers) and cooked up a storm. Her contributions: a layered eggplant, mushroom, onion, tomato, and feta bake and pasta with kale, leeks and tomatoes. Mine: tomatoes, the remaining wilting basil, and burrata picked up at the cheese stand in Grand Central as I ran through this afternoon. I definitely did not carry my weight, but burrata masks all kitchen lazy-ness in indulgent, creamy goodness.


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