Wednesday and Thursday: Ice Cream and Cobbler

Misleading title: I actually only had dessert for dinner one night this week. I’m such a grown up.

Wednesday: Second day in New York in a row. After a day of meetings, on the train home I try to eat an adult dinner of seafood spring rolls and seaweed salad purchased in Grand Central, but I’m only a few bites in when I suddenly feel disgusted by my favorite Grand Central meal. Maybe it’s because I ate it yesterday for lunch? Throw it out and demand Noah take me to Ashley’s (New Haven’s local ice cream shop) the minute I get off the train. Grape Nut Ice Cream for dinner. It’s awesome.


Thursday: Noah’s cousin came over for dinner so I made something I’ve had bookmarked all summer: Casa Yellow’s Collard Greens Cobbler. It is as awesome as a savory cobbler sounds. Make it. Immediately, if you can. (I subbed spelt flour for the all purpose flour in the biscuits and used a chicken sausage + red pepper flakes and olive oil in place of fattier Andouille sausage.) On the side, we killed the burrata from Tuesday night with some more tomatoes.


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