Toasted Sesame Oil Hummus

I know that no one actually needs a recipe for hummus,  much less two recipes for hummus (+ another two for “very think chickpea soups”) on one blog. But, about a month ago, I had a hummus revelation so I feel compelled to share.

Four of us had stumbled into a restaurant after a day of trekking around Boston with a large bag of persimmons in tow (thanks persimmon carrying friends!). When we finally got seated 45 minutes later, it was well past ten, and I was ready to go all cookie-monster on those persimmons. The only thing restraining me was the sure knowledge that a cookie-monster-like attack on a bag of persimmons in a crowded restaurant would end in certain and swift removal before I got anymore food.

Fortunately, we were presented with a plate full of hummus while we “looked at the menu” (read: demanded they bring us our pre-selected orders immediately). And, though anything would have tasted good at that moment, the hummus really seemed like something special.

After a bit of debate, we decided that the restaurant had substituted sesame oil for tahini. It was genius. As I have mentioned before, I dislike tahini in my hummus. I think it weighs it down and overpowers the chickpeas. The sesame oil embraces the fact that sesame and chickpeas go well together while creating something lighter and smokier all at once.


When I tried making it at home, it was as good as I remembered, even with judgement unclouded by hunger.

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